Ukrainian polar explorers record extraordinary event in Antarctica (photo) - UNIAN

Ukrainian polar explorers record extraordinary event in Antarctica (photo) – UNIAN

According to scientists, these are miracles similar to those found on hot asphalt roads or desert sands.

Over seawater, such canal water occurs exclusively in the polar regions /

Over seawater, such canal water occurs exclusively in the polar regions /

Ukrainian scientists of polar travel recorded an extraordinary event Station “Educator Vernadsky”: Giant glaciers and islands “circling” in the air above the ocean surface.

This is the report National Antarctic Science Center On your Facebook page.

As polar analysts point out, these are miracles. The same as can be seen on hot asphalt or desert sand.

“However, above sea level, such a canal occurs in the polar regions and often around Antarctica because the cold air from the continent here has the potential to move out to a relatively warm, ice-free ocean,” the report says.

Scientists explain that, unlike the desert (or asphalt) mirage created by the sun’s surface heat, the required temperature difference is maintained as a result of the sea heat accumulated in Antarctica during the summer. So, miracles here should not linger for days or even weeks.

“It’s good that the flying glaciers are a canal water, otherwise, except to turn on the penguins, our polar explorers will have to chase away large icebergs from the station,” the polar explorers added.

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What are miracles, and how do they occur?

Due to the abnormal refraction of light in the atmosphere, not only objects in their real state, but also their imaginary images appear. They are the result of the internal reflection of substances in the atmosphere. A thin layer of hot air “sticks” above the surface, there is no time to rise and mix – it acts like a curved glass, sometimes bringing even distant objects closer.

The horizon the viewer sees at this time is conditional, it is below the present. The higher the temperature difference in the ocean, the lower the conditional horizon will be located and a thicker Mirage piece will form. The significant sloping edge of the horizon predicts turbulence at the boundary between layers of hot and cold air, which is determined by wind speed and height of ocean waves.

“By the way, the myth of the flying ship is mostly based on the event of a mirage,” the scientists note.

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