The return of Folov to Australia is conditional on the agreement of the Catalan Dragons

The return of Folov to Australia is conditional on the agreement of the Catalan Dragons

Israel Follows Soap Opera Continues. The return of the 32-year-old star (73 hats) to Australia at a local 2nd Division club could not be done without the Catalan Dragons signing a deal with the French Rugby League, sports officials announced on Wednesday.

In fact, the Queensland Rugby League (QRL) ” There is no confirmation that Folov has been released from his current contract, and he has not received permission from the last known foreign club. He said in a statement. In fact, the league cannot register. ” As long as there is recognition (Catalan Dragons) Not received “, She insisted.

He did not return to France after the outbreak

The club announced on Friday that Israel Folov, banned by the Australian Rugby Federation in 2019 after reports of homosexuality, has signed a contract with the Southport Tigers, Australia’s second rugby union. Without any commitment after being expelled from the Australian Rugby Union Confederation, the “bad guy” joined the Catalan Dragons in 2020, a club based in Berbice and playing in the Rugby League Super League.

Citing personal issues, the player left Perbignon to join Australia following the suspension of matches linked to the Covid 19 epidemic. In July, he extended his one-season contract with the Catalan Dragons until June 2021, but he did not return to France.

In February, the leaders of the Catalan Dragons told the press that they did not count on it. ” Fola’s agreement should not be violated without compensation ”. An avid evangelical Christian, Folov caused a stir in April 2019 after posting a message on his Instagram account: ” Drunkards, homosexuals, prostitutes, liars, prostitutes, thieves, atheists, idolaters, hell awaits you. Repent! Only Jesus Can Save You ”.

When asked about this on Friday, Folov did not apologize. ” There is no regret in life … you know, I have faith in God, everything happens for a reason ”, Did he announce? ” I am so grateful for this opportunity to come back to the field “, He added. The Australian Federation, in its press release, did not fail to remind us that QRL” An inclusive system “Who believes” Diversity “. Folov warned:” Violation of the Code of Conduct may result in the player’s registration being suspended or canceled. .

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