Staff in the Department of Psychology at Bingle University need Islamic science

Staff in the Department of Psychology at Bingle University need Islamic science

According to a report by ağatan Akyol from the RepublicThe position of the title “Basic Islamic Science” in announcing the post of Associate Professor opened for the Department of Psychology at Bingle University attracted a backlash.

Charter of Basic Islamic Science

The post of Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at the Department of Spiritual Psychology at Bingle University was said to have been “personally” prepared. In the announcement, “Holds the title of Associate Professor in the field of Basic Islamic Sciences and has worked in Spiritual Psychology” Conditions happened. Many social media users, “# Psychological Psychologist Attapping” Responded to the announcement with the title.

A computer teacher

On the other hand, it was found that the two academics who were in the academic staff of the University’s Department of Psychology were not graduates in psychology, but rather in the fields of computer teaching and philosophy. Council of Higher Education (YÖK) on March 9th “Regulation on Regulatory Amendment Relating to the Promotion and Appointment of Faculty Members” was issued. The regulation states, “As a condition of application for the notice, some or all of the graduate dissertation’s names or candidates’ special dissertation may not be written, and the notice may not contain special conditions defining only a specific candidate.” That being said.

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