[Le bon numéro] # 37: “The Other” Jimmy Johnson | Touchdown Act (NFL Act)

[Le bon numéro] # 37: "The Other" Jimmy Johnson |  Touchdown Act (NFL Act)

A player is identified by his style of play, his personality, his physique but his number. The sign of a strong connection is that players often have the same number (if possible) when switching teams, and this can sometimes become a communication tool as well.

During 99 episodes, we are going to talk about the best players in terms of numbers in the NFL. A holder and replacement each time.

In this 37th episode, a name emerges from the shadows.

Holder: Jimmy Johnson (DP, San Francisco 49ers 1961-76)

It could be Hall of Fame, emerging in the shadows of Jimmy Johnson. In 1960 his brother, an Olympic champion, but his name was the famous cowboys coach. However he is the legend of 49 men, where his figure is withdrawn.

Eight times All Pro, he was a pioneer of the 70s, and with three playoff qualifications between 1970 and 1972, he was one of the 49 men on the map during the Super Bowl era.

Jimmy Johnson, author of 47 Career Interruptions, has beaten all the companies he has been to: Fresno, UCLA and the Hall of Fame at 49, he is in our position against a league MVP.

Response: Shawn Alexander (RP, Seattle Seahawks 2000-07, Washington Redskins 2008)

MVP or Hall of Fame? What is the most important achievement? This is an endless debate. But what is certain is that Shawn Alexander has also left his mark in the league. In a golden age of back running, he was able to perform well enough to become an MVP in 2005.

Author of 1,958 yards and 28 touchdowns, he dominated the league head and shoulders and also won the title of this year’s attacking player. In the final of the conference, he crushed the Panthers to qualify for the Seahawks for the Super Bowl. The Seagulls will lose to the Steelers of Hines Ward and Jerome Betis, despite their colossal performance in this year’s most important game.

Like many racers, his career is relatively short, but he is an iconic player in the right, a dominant runner representing the league.

Mentions: Cornell Lake (D.P.), Pat Fisher (D.P.), Rodney Harrison (D.P.), Lester Hayes (D.P.), Mark Murphy (D.P.), Tom Myers (D.P.) P.)

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