Joseph Wolfle, an Austrian in London

Joseph Wolfle, an Austrian in London

Ludwig von Beethoven’s brother and toolist, he pursued an ambitious career as an instrumentalist and composer throughout Europe in the midst of the Napoleonic storm.

  • Today, I would like to tell you about Joseph Wolf, who died on May 21, 1812, at the age of thirty – eight.

We are in Vienna about 1799. Two pianofords face to face and, in the room, the amateur experiences a unique addictive experience. Fencing, hip-hop, alexandrine, contempt – all that is played in the arts, it is called a fight.

From the beginning, I tell you: without music there would be no winner, and then we regret that everything directed by Ludwig von Beethoven and Joseph Wolfle could not fly. Witnesses say that we will have sonatas for the rest of our lives to meditate on. Thus, intensity, feeling, Beethoven dominates. But it’s wolf for toughness, technique, skill. I have to say he is an amazing character. Apparently more than eighty meters long, a huge body, a body and a face seem to be permanently transmitted by waves of joy, radiating sunlight. But with the bad Beethoven, it’s an obvious bond, a rapprochement that breaks the mere respect between two great musicians.

We ask: The Quartet inside sol Key Op. 10 n ° 4 presticimo Presented by Joseph Wolffill, 2011 Recorded by Mosaics Quartet.

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