A piece of space debris holes in the ISS

A piece of space debris holes in the ISS

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Undetectable space debris has struck and damaged part of the International Space Station. The station’s robot arm has suffered a lot. The thing still works, but the heat blanket is broken and the arm underneath is damaged.

Space debris is a huge one Difficult Problem to be solved. More than 900,000 fragments and fragments of man-made objects are in low Earth orbit. about this Confusionists, Tools and gloves. But old satellites and discarded rocket stairs.

Of these, 23,000 are followed by various space agencies. They are large pieces visible to binoculars and other devices. But small frying is a lot more dangerous. Space debris is moving at tremendous speed. If it comes in contact with the ISS, for example, it can easily pierce a hole in the hull.

Now it’s Steyn’s robot arm ‘only’. Condom 2 was designed by the Canadian space agency CSA and has been a part of the space station for 20 years. It is a multi-joint titanium robotic arm capable of maneuvering objects outside the ISS, including cargo spacecraft. It can also carry out maintenance at the station.

It is not clear when the clash took place. The damage was first noticed on May 12 during a routine inspection. NASA and CSA worked together to create and document detailed images of the damage Judge.

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