United States: Democrats sabotage the implementation of the Right to Vote Act

Le gouverneur du Texas Greg Abbott.

The law, which has already been approved by Republicans in Georgia and Florida, is officially intended to make elections safer by banning “drive-in” voting or imposing a number of restrictions on voting hours and postal voting.

But these restrictions often make it easier to vote and are especially popular with minorities, in which African-Americans are generally pro-democracy.

Elected Democrats were unable to reach the required demand as they largely left the organized ballot for the law on Sunday evening. The session had to be adjourned, undermining Republican confidence in seeing the law passed during the current legislature.

However, Republican Gov. Greg Abbott said he was ready to call a special session to pass the law.

“Republicans are committed to passing a law that will benefit our democracy,” local Democrat Jessica Gonzalez tweeted in the evening. “Tonight, Democrats in Texas have drawn a line and made it clear that we will fight day and night for your right to vote.”

Republican-elected officials have repeatedly leveled allegations of fraud, claiming they want to make the election safer, leading former President Donald Trump to confirm without the slightest evidence that the November ballot won by Joe Biden was “stolen” from him.

After the presidential election, bills restricting access to the vote at the initiative of Republicans abounded in the states.

“This is part of an attack on democracy that we have often seen this year,” Biden said Saturday, adding that it was “proportionate” to target African Americans and other minorities.

Instead of being seen as encouraging the expression of the right to vote for all Americans, Mr. Biden again called on the US Congress, but the adoption was complicated by a narrow majority of Democrats.

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