They will find a large, perfectly shaped spider web in their garden

Mel Allen’s father was hanging dry clothes in his backyard. Lives in Sydney, Australia, Mel Allen and her father got used to the big wild animals, but when they went outside to see what was going on, she was very surprised.

Credit: Mel Allen

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For good reason, the suspension between the two trees was so large that a spider’s web seemed so wrong. The thick wires of the wheel-shaped structure were like toys coming out of a Halloween decor store. Contrary to what one might think, this amazing construction is so real!

“I was very impressed with the size of the canvas, how perfect it was. But I was so scared about the dimensions of the spider that created the web. Mel Allen told our American colleagues in The Dodo. To keep the memory of this incredible discovery and to understand the true size of this spider web, Allen took a photo of his father standing next to it, showing the web especially imposing.

Mel Allen, interested in nature, wanted to know what kind of spider could be responsible for the appearance of such works of art in his father’s garden. For this, he searched the web and found it very quickly. “I saw a sleeping spider, curled up in a leaf in one of the web-suspended trees.” Mel Allen commented.

It is a Nephil female, a species of arenomorphic spiders in the Arenidae family. They are able to weave canvases with a diameter of more than one meter with silk thread with golden shades. These canvases are the largest in the world. In Allen’s garden, she was hiding from the morning sun. In this species, male spiders are small, but females may have a body about 4cm long and legs up to 10cm long.

Credit: Mel Allen

The web that acts as a real trap

The spider has achieved the feat of weaving its large, sticky web overnight. Thus it has excellent gear to catch insects and thus feeds itself without any extra effort. When the canvas is finished, she has to wait for her next meal to come and pick it up.

The structure of these large canvases also protects Spiders Hunters. “Nephilic spiders form large semi-permanent webs. Resistant silk has a golden sheen. These spiders stay in their webs day and night and enjoy some protection from bird attack because of the ‘barrier network’ of wires on one or both sides of the round web. When threatened by a predator, the spider uses its web. Vibrating to distract and prevent ” Expert from the Australian Museum explains.

Fortunately, nephrons do not pose a danger to humans and are reluctant to bite. For Mel Allen and his dad, it seems like the spider hasn’t even noticed their presence and Allen’s dad has decided to let her live there peacefully as long as she wants.

Credit: Mel Allen

You, what would you have done?

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