Sport - Valor: The Pinetic Europeans lost the final

Sport – Valor: The Pinetic Europeans lost the final

Now we know. One year after its release Evaluation, Riot game hosted its first physical continental tournament on its FBS in Reykjavik (Iceland) this week. The match was seen by many as an opportunity to find out which European or North American teams were the best in the game.

By winning the event without a round defeat, the Sentinels put North America in first place despite the Europeans having the final against Fenadic (14-12, 16-14, 13-11). Already considered the best team on the other side of the Atlantic it really seems to be one step ahead of all its international competitors. She was the first woman to officially qualify World Championships At the end of the year.

First full-scale test for riot games, Reykjavik Masters A win. The audience responded, especially thanks to the parallel streams of North America. The publisher of the game actually recognizes the big names of Twitz to broadcast the event by providing alternative ideas. The match surpassed the peak of one million spectators on stage during the finals, raising a bright future Evaluation.

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