Scotty Pippon has released an unexpected new look!

scottie pippen sur le plateau de the jump

After a hard time last year, Scotty Pippon is looking for a fresh start. Often, it may require a change of appearance – proof!

Since 2020, Life has not given a gift to Scotty Pippon. He broke up with his wife Larsa and later multiplied the survivors, especially by pairing up with Malik Beasley, the Bulls legend and especially the misfortune. Lose his eldest son who died at the age of 33. It is enough if Pip takes a step back in the media.

The best-selling regular, six-time NBA champion on ESPN “The Jump” has not appeared for several weeks. Getting icing from Michael Jordan’s former side cameras… or almost!

Pippon is actually involved in a recent photoshoot and it is time for him to show us his new look: An Afro!

Afro Pip will soon be 56 years old for the former winger. Most importantly: there is a smile, that is the main thing. A few days ago, already, Pippon had distinguished himself in a different way on the networks, by brutally recalling the anniversary of his famous dunk at Patrick Ewing.

27 years later, this poster is one of the most violent in history, and an indelible part of Bipon’s legacy and his sublime life.

Say hello to Michael Jordan’s famous lieutenant’s new look, Afro Pip. Unexpected, but highly verified!

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