India: The largest Earth cliffs in history were discovered – science – life

India: The largest Earth cliffs in history were discovered - science - life

Two French scientists were discovered in the desert தார், In India, what will be The largest geoglyphs ever discovered in the world, Published in Volume 27 ‘Archaeological excavations in Asia’, An educational journal.

Inspected from Google Earth. Analysts were able to identify eight locations in the Jaisalmer district with geometric lines.

Geoglyphs are ‘drawn’ figures on the ground or on mountain slopes. The so-called most popular ‘Nazca Lines’, South of Peru.

In research, they say, data was collected with the size of lines along with images taken by a drone. Scientists Carlo Otheimer and Johann Otheimer are two geometric figures near the city of Boha.

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First, a giant spiral, and second, a drawing in the shape of a ‘strange snake. Both are connected by a group of winding or curved lines.

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The trio occupies 20.8 ha And more than half of the 48-kilometer lines.

But they also point to another discovery: three monuments at key points illustrate that knowledge of planimetry has been used to create this design.

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Scientists used imaginary building methods to determine the origin of these lines. As they explain, May be at least 150 years old They are associated with the stones around it which are used to commemorate the Hindus.

At the end of the study, they point out that these geoglyphs are the largest ever discovered globally and for the first time on the Indian subcontinent.


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