Eugene Pacha chart in the desert with eyes on Australia

Eugene Pacha chart in the desert with eyes on Australia

The Canadian, like the other 127 players and 128 other players, is in the desert on the shores of the Persian Gulf, where he qualifies for his first Grand Slam match of the season. ATP players are in Doha, Qatar and WTA players are in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The rigorous nature of health measures in Australia led to this extraordinary eligibility process.

Eligible 32 men, 16 women and 16 men will have the privilege of flying to Melbourne, after which they will have to undergo 14 days of isolation.

Bachchard, ranked 141st in the world, will play 26-year-old Abby Myers in his first round qualifier on Monday, ranked 344th in the world and having not played a major draw in a major tournament in five years.

Montreal will try to keep up with the pace of the fall. After a final in Turkey, Roland reached the third round on the cross Bowed to the final champion of the tournament, Poland Iga Swedech.

The 26-year-old has only competed in one big tournament in 2020. In Australia, last January, Bouchard was eliminated in the third round qualifier. However, he advanced to the semifinals in Melbourne in 2014 and the quarterfinals in 2015.

Vancouver Rebecca Marino will also try to qualify. The 30-year-old Cranby has not played a competitive game since the summer of 2019.

Rebecca Marino

Rebecca Marino

Photo: Getty Images / Graham Denhome

Marino, who is ranked 312th in the world in singles today, hopes to find himself in the main draw of a Grand Slam tournament for the first time in seven years. Almost five years before the break from professional tennis.

Marino will face his first opponent on Monday, Romanian Jacqueline Christian, 168th in the WTA.

In the doubles, Bianca Andrescu, Leila-Annie Fernandez and Gabriel Dabrowski already have their places in the main draw.

Brighton Schnour, Steven Dice and Peter Polanski operate in Qatar

Canadian Steven Tees jumped into the arena on Sunday. The 177th ATP defeated Alexei Vadodara, ranked 244th in the world, 6-3, 4-6, 6-4 in three sets.

The 29-year-old was born in Toronto Raised mainly in Spain, he qualified for the first major draw of a major match of his career at Roland Carros last fall.

Steven Dice at the Rogers Cup

Steven Ten

Photo: Canadian Press / Nathan Denet

Meanwhile, Shnoor will start his journey towards Melbourne on Monday against 127th Indian Brajnesh Kunneswaran in the ATP. The 25-year-old Ontario has never been to the Australian Open and has two major draw experiences at Grand Slam tournaments.

He is aiming for his first participation in a Grand Slam tournament since the 2018 United States Open.

Denis Shapolov, Milos Ronnik, Felix Agar-Aliasim and Vasek Baspisil have already entered the main draw of the tournament, which starts on February 8.

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