Breakfast: Seahawks or Titans for Julio Jones? | Touchdown Act (NFL Act)

Breakfast: Seahawks or Titans for Julio Jones?  |  Touchdown Act (NFL Act)

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– [Top 50] # 35: Theft of Darius Leonard, 2018 draft

Julio Jones, Julio Jones, Julio Jones

Things are accelerated for the rest of life Julio Jones (WR, Falcons). According to ESPN, The Seahawks He is said to have discussed with Falcons about possible trade. Russell Wilson had already discussed the matter with the recipient over the phone.

According to ProFootball Doc, who inquired with league officials, these are Titans Against second-round selection, who are the favorites to retrieve Jones. Because, if an exchange has not yet been made, the leaders of the Falcons will still be very greedy. But beware, for now, this is a guess, not information. Tennessee still have no indication of a second-round finish. Also, ESPN ensures the Titans have a good discussion with Atlanta, but there will only be slim chances of rescuing the player.

The Rams The weekend came back into rumors, but ProFootballTalk reports that they are no longer running.


– 49ers signed James Burgess (LP). (ESPN)

– Buffalo stretched Reid Ferguson (LS) For three seasons.


Corey Davis (WR, Jets) He suffered a shoulder injury during training last Thursday. According to NFL Media, this will be a minor injury that needs to be recovered with a little rest.


– The Viking Called the Panthers to try to climb to 8th place in the draft. According to ProFootballTalk, Minnesota wanted to select Justin Fields (QB), who eventually finished in Chicago.


Keenu Neil (LP, Cowboys) Now a line recipient. Or “again” a taxonomist. The athlete has confirmed to the athlete that he will return to his high school work. For this occasion, he will gain a few kilos, to reach the quintal.

Pete Carroll wants all of his players to be vaccinated before they can start again

The chaos of this 2021 season, Covid and the management of yes and unannounced players will be a real headache for all owners. On the Seattle side, Pete Carroll is trying to make sure all players are vaccinated before training camps begin.

“I’m been talking to players since the vaccine campaign started, trying to talk to and educate people who are thinking or have questions about the vaccine,” Carroll told reporters. “I don’t know the exact numbers. I still discuss with the players today the rest of the time before the training camps start again so everyone can be vaccinated before the restarts, and that place is safe for everyone. We brought Dr. Vin Gupta who told them about the benefits of the vaccine. We also provided immunization opportunities for families to encourage everyone to do the same. The purpose is to ensure that everyone is vaccinated before the camp begins. ”

Carroll notes that unannounced players will not be reduced during camp.

“There will be no personal decision,” Carroll explains of the unexplained players. “It’s a personal decision. Sometimes, some elements can be motivating, here are the entourage and the family.

Going from left to right is not easy for Benny Sewell

In his last two seasons in Oregon, Benny Sewell played on the left. Now in Detroit, Taylor holds Decker to the left and Sewell sees himself playing on the right. The change of position requires some adaptation to the rookie.

“It’s not that easy,” Sewell explained Thursday Detroit Free Press. “It simply came to our notice then. Imagine, I was right-handed, so I always wrote with my right hand. One day I was told to write my full name with my left hand at the same pace as I had to write with my right hand. So yes, you have to fix it. “

Can’t wait to play Max Crosby with Yannick Nagako

Delicious with his bass rush, Yannick Nagako’s arrival on the side of Las Vegas will transform this dynamic. Max Crosby is by no means impatient with the arrival of the former Jacksonville player

“I can’t wait to play with Yannick,” Crosby told Winnie Ponsigner Las Vegas Review-Journal. “He’s a great player. I’ve seen him play a lot. I look forward to teaming up with him.”

With 8 excuses from last year between Minnesota and Baltimore, Nagako will be a better contributor to the Raiders and Crosby, with less goals and more space for him this year.

Sean McVeigh is happy with Matthew Stafford

Matthew Stafford, who traded with Jared Koff in January, began his first training session with the Rams. Light training, but some deep throws from the former Detroit quarterback impressed his coach.

“It’s good. We’ve only at the beginning of training, but the way he’s handled it so far is very interesting,” says Sean McVeigh. “It’s a pleasure to work with him every day. The consistency and discipline he puts into his work is incredible and he manages it all fun. I enjoy everything he does at this time. “

Lynn Botan trusts Dua Takovilova very much

Dua Takovilova (QB, Dolphins) admitted it himself, he could have done better in the new year. But now that place is in Miami. With receiver Lynn Powell (WR), even in his sophomore year, things look great.

“When he lets himself be, he’s going to win every game”, Pauline blatantly promises Tyler Dunne. “When he realizes himself and does what he feels like, Dua is one of the best quarterbacks. People don’t know it yet.”

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