[Top 50] # 36: Trey Davies White, Impossible | Touchdown Act (NFL Act)

[Top 50] # 36: Trey Davies White, Impossible |  Touchdown Act (NFL Act)

From May 15 to July 3, TDActu offers its top 50 NFL players. To get to this ranking, each member of the editorial staff voted for the 50 players who would be on their team to start the upcoming season. These rankings were later compiled and placed in the final 50 places. Opportunity to discuss, but provide 50 profiles for newcomers to the NFL.

Trey Davies White – Cornerback – Buffalo Bills

Identity Card : 26 years old – 1.80 cm – 87 kg

Draft: n ° 27 In the first round of the 2017 draft – LSU

Profile: 1st All-Pro Team (2019), 2nd All-Pro Team (2020), 2X Pro Bowl (2019,2020)

Statistics 2020: 3 interceptions, 11 protected passes, 1 forced stumble, 2 closed stumbling blocks, 1.5 excuses, 57 blocks

Career Statistics: 15 Interruptions, 54 Protected Passes, 4 Mandatory Stumbles, 4 Closed Stumbles, 2.5 Excuses, 238 Blocks

Why is he here?

Since he was selected in the first round of the 2017 draft, Trey Davies has become the backbone of the defense of the White Bills. He was a symbol of the resurrection of the AFC East Champion title in 2021 and has been an all-pro for the past two years. Like a Jalan Ramsay or a Stephen Gilmore, it seems to work effectively.

If it can’t prove its ability to lose balls, its consistency attracts. In 2020, he conceded 454 yards in 14 games, averaging 32.43 yards. Icing on the cake, he was particularly decisive on the 3rd attempt, where he received the best score in 2020 according to the PFF site.

Efficient and decisive, recipe for success.

What is the purpose in 2021?

Confirmation awaits. The bills ended the patriotic domination, but the hard part has not yet come. Favorites back in 2021, the bills will require some top protection, and whites will play a key role.

He is already one of the best cornerbacks in the league, and the next goal should be to create an “island” that will be a player’s ultimate goal. Why not capture the title of Defender of the Year?

Heard in the editorial

“A consistent improvement, and dominant performance. White is already the top 3 cornerback in the league and has the potential to be the best he can be,” said Victor Ruler.

“A great player and a” sensible “player, which is rare in this situation. Without making too much noise, he goes through all the pro seasons. What’s more?», Raphael Masmajian.

“Trey Davies White is all risk insurance with the touch of a clutch game. It’s the CB of the shadow, but it makes sure to shine even in the shade,” said Raல்l Villeroy.

General Classification

37. Joey Posa – DE, Chargers
38. Mike Evans – W.R., Buchanan
39. Julio Jones – W.R., Falcons
40. Justin Simmons – S, Broncos
41. Zach Martin – OG, Cowboys
42. Alvin Camara – R.P., Saints
43. Chandler Jones – DE, Cardinals
44. Jamal Adams – S, Seahawks
45. Chase Young – DE, football team
46. ​​Laont David – L.B., Buchananers
47. Nick Soup – R.P., Browns
48. Corey Linsley – C, Chargers
49. Lamar Jackson – QB, Ravens
50. Fred Warner – LP, 49ers

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