The Giants’ victories will not go unnoticed in the MLP

The Giants' victories will not go unnoticed in the MLP

At the start of the season, no one expected the San Francisco Giants to battle for a playoff spot. There is no one including me. Until May 29, San Francisco was not only fighting for a playoff berth, it was one of the best division titles in the game of baseball. Nothing is lacking.

Despite a clear start to the season, experts still do not trust them. They thought it was a blue. But now the Giants are to be taken seriously. They have the fourth best record in Major League Baseball (31-20) and all the players are performing well.

But what about senior buster Posey? We all thought his good years were behind him, but now he has proven that he can deliver the best baseball to everyone. In 34 games, he has scored 333 and averaged 412 goals.

Cleveland Indians researcher Jensen Lewis truly believes the Giants are at the top of the table to stay there. If Patrice and the Dodgers thought the fight would be one or two, now they should notice Posey and his gang.

Their offense currently ranks tenth in the league, averaging 4.69 points per game and their defense, fourth in the MLB.

So this is a good consistent team that can give a tough time to many teams, especially the Patrice and the Dodgers.

Louis spoke Resurrection Presented by Kevin Kausman. What a season he’s been in so far, this is it! In ten starts, he still hasn’t lost, and maintains an average of 1.53 he earned. The victories of his teammate Anthony Discalfani will not go unnoticed in Louis’ view.

You have never heard of amazing giants.

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