In Brazil, the display of the power of the left in the search for strategy – liberation

In Brazil, the display of the power of the left in the search for strategy - liberation

They are plentiful, but systematically concealed. Faced with Jair Bolzano, the Brazilian left finally took to the streets on Saturday, braving the Covid-19 epidemic and the country mourning greatly (already 461,000 people have died). Because «Bolsanaro virus is crazy, In the name of collective immunity, he would have allowed anything to run in human life. “For sacking a genocidal president!” Demonstrators rallied in twenty-seven state capitals and rallied in two key locations, S சாo Paulo and Rio.

Government failures

With Lula’s unexpected return to the political game (his hopes were dashed in early March), leftists are browsing about Bolsanaro’s weakness, while a parliamentary commission of inquiry examines his government’s failures in dealing with the epidemic: ignoring travel control measures, preventing effective treatment .

But even the most optimistic did not yet believe in an “indictment,” the subject of more than a hundred requests sent to the chairman of the council, Arthur Lira, who had the ability to initiate the procedure – or not. However, the lira, which represents Centrio – in exchange for access to powers and public funds, is a group of parties that support governments, whatever they may be – allies of the head of state. At least for now. Only popular mobilization can change the situation. Lula’s runner-up, Dilma Rousseff, who was fired in 2016, was dropped by Centrio overnight after months of relentless protests at the call of the right.

Surprising setback in the polls

Therefore, the left is challenging to change the test and exit over time, while the third wave of epidemics is triggered by immediate experts. Time is against her. With only seventeen months to go before the presidential election, the ouster of Bolzano may be delayed. The indictment will last several months in Congress.

Philosopher Pablo Artellado reminds us on Twitter that it is necessary to avoid the lack of support for Lula’s Labor Party (PDP), the main force on the left, whose election calculations could be blamed. The BJP’s historic leader, who has regained his credentials, is actually being awarded to the winner of next year’s presidential election. According to him, it is better to have a bloodless bolsonaro in front of the ballot box than to be out of power. However, the far-right leader is showing a surprising setback in the elections. Even at the lowest level, he maintained a good quarterback base among the Brazilians. In addition, the economy, a key factor in public opinion, is recovering, and its government is preparing a set of social and business support measures. Bolzano did not say his last word.

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