A historic judgment for the protection of youth

A historic judgment for the protection of youth

Historic legal victory for eight Australian youth. Before expanding coal mining in New South Wales, authorities need to confirm the effects of global warming on the health of young people through their legal action.

They have no age. However, eight Australian youths have achieved unprecedented legal success. One World First Against Environment Minister Susan Lake, who approved the expansion of the Vickery coal mine in the north of New South Wales.

Duty to protect children

Australian Federal Court Judge Mordecai Bromberg clarified the duty of the government. “The Court considers that the Minister has a duty to take reasonable precautionary measures as to whether or not to approve the proposed extension … in the exercise of his power so as not to cause physical harm to children.“.

One million Australian children today “ The result can be intensive hospital care. “A Chapter on Heat Pressure “. The controversial project could produce an additional 100 million tons of carbon dioxide. This is 20% of the country’s current emissions per year.

According to the judge, the release of so much CO2 “Catastrophic, especially if the global average surface temperature is higher than the pre – industrial level of 3 C. “. This is because global warming is the cause of greenhouse gases. Like CO2, it is associated with fossil fuels, especially coal.

Opportunity to warn about the health of young people and vulnerable people against the threats of global warming.

Historical Judgment, World Debut “

For his part, David Barton, a lawyer for teenage climate activists, did not hide his excitement when he announced this duty of care. The Assembly has no doubt that this duty sets a precedent: “This is a historic judgment. The Minister should not act in a way that causes damage related to climate change. This is an incredible decision, the first time in the world that such a duty has been recognized“.

Same satisfaction with one of the activists, Ava Princy: “I’m happy with this decision, it’s not over yet. This case mobilized the youth and demanded more and more that their actions determine our future well-being.“.

Extending the mine as teenagers want is not forbidden, but times will change. At Whitehaven Coal, the mining operator, the decision on the extension plan has been put on hold until the end of the year, however. But the company considers teenage fears unfounded and reminds them that creating hundreds of jobs is risky.

The fight against fossil fuels has accelerated in Australia

The victory should give impetus to the common struggle of Australian and global youth against fossil fuels. A fight that seems to be becoming more and more popular in the homeland of kangaroos. Recently, students rallied against the gas-fired power plant project.

Australia is also one of the major emitters of individual greenhouse gases. Also note that coal is the second largest exporter in the country.

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