Women: Australia announces Australia squad for Olympics

Women: Australia announces Australia squad for Olympics

Australia’s squad for the Tokyo Olympics has been announced. Who is his superstar Liz Cambage Threatened to ignore them And several players who have played in the Women’s League, including Mariana Tolo, have signed on to Basketball Lands.

Half of the team’s WNBA players are: Allen (New York Liberty), Cambodia (Las Vegas Aces), Macbeth (Seattle Storm), Mitchell (Washington Mystics), Smith (Phoenix Mercury) and Talbot (Seattle Storm). In addition, coach Sandy Frondello and Phoenix Mercury.

The Australian team will be at the Olympics in a team with Belgium, Puerto Rico and China.

Last name Age JO Experience PoseTo City Condition Postal code
Rebecca Allen 28 2e (2016) Wing Canterbury V.I.C. 3126
Elizabeth Compaz 29 3E (2012, 2016) Center Durak V.I.C. 3142
Katie Epsory 31 2nd (2016) Again Charlestown NSW 2290
Kayla George 32 2nd (2016) Center Moorpool QLD 4870
Tessa Levy 28 2nd (2016) Again Kennington V.I.C. 3550
Des Madgen 30 Get started Again Southern Yarra V.I.C. 3141
Esioda Macbeth 21 Get started Center Craigburn V.I.C. 3064
Lilani Mitchell 35 2nd (2016) Again Hamilton NSW 2303
Jenna O’Hie 33 2e (2012) Back / garlic. St. Guilda V.I.C. 3182
Alanna Smith 24 Get started Wing Blackburn V.I.C. 3130
Stephanie Talbot 26 2nd (2016) Wing Girl TO 5554
Marianna Dolo 31 2nd (2016) Center Downer Play 2602

Photo: Liz Campege (FIBA)

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