This is how the demonstrations in Bogot on May 28 unfolded

This is how the demonstrations in Bogot on May 28 unfolded
This is how the protests unfolded on May 28 / (Twitter) in the city of Usme in Bogot.

In the aftermath of a month-long national strike in Colombia, Bogota’s Mobility Secretariat said the bulk of the protest and siege took place at 7:00 a.m. in the town of Usme Crossing, Usmeh.

The marchers marched to Usmeen’s local town hall, one of the city’s points most affected by the protests, as there was no public transport for citizens and there were disturbances during the day.

At 9:00 a.m., the city of Usme announced that there were sieges on the decent bridge, where dozens of people gathered to protest on the pass connecting the city with Caracas Avenue, south of Bogot.

Although the demonstrations were initially carried out by the general forces in complete peace and control, the first attacks on district property began to be reported at 5:20 pm. At the time, the National Police reported that several rioters had begun destroying security cameras in the city, and that members of the first line of the protest had to leave the area before the uniformed men could respond.

The massacre, announced by the general forces, took place in an area called Yomasa, where even members of the native Minga came to support the protests after a month-long national strike. Faced with a peaceful protest in the morning and then leading to attacks on public property, General Elizar Camacho, commander of the Bogot metropolitan police, refuses to act by some protesters and seeks to disrupt the security of the city:

This is done only by those who seek to create an act that affects the security of the capital

Here is a recording of Bogota’s Metropolitan Police destroying security cameras and hammering technical equipment at Usmei:

Security cameras in Usmai were destroyed by protesters during the national strike / (Twitter: ol Police Bogota).

Monument to the Knights

Art demonstrations were recorded Friday afternoon at the Transmilenio Heroes Station in Sabinero. Despite the pouring rain that day, more than 6,000 people gathered quietly for the heroes at the memorial after music performances by artists Adriana Lucia and Dr. Grabula.

The day lasted until 7:00 pm near the Bogot monument, where the flags of the United States and Israel were burned by protesters at the Transmilenio station:

Demonstrations in Heroes of Bogot on Friday 28 May 2021

Portal The America

Although authorities recorded the seizure of a Transmilenio bus at the Banderas station in the southwestern part of the capital in the afternoon, cohabitation managers called for talks to stop the protest and restore peace. Following that, the Secretary of State arranged to speak with protesters at the front line of a well-known protest portal, and in addition spoke with the Home Guard to guarantee a peaceful demonstration and avoid looting in the neighborhood and within the Super Gate.

At 9:30 p.m., citizens reported power outages in homes and public lighting near the portal. Eventually, a mob trying to take over America’s Super Gate was isolated through dialogue to prevent further damage to public property.

Demonstrations in Bogotவின்’s Portal Los America on Friday, May 28, 2021

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