The inability to accept the rate affects the Bengali, TMC in conversations; Official result: BJP

হার মেনে নিতে না পেরে বাংলার ক্ষতি করছে, আলাপন-বদলিতে TMC; সরকারি সিদ্ধান্ত: BJP

Own report: Trinamool is looking at the politics behind the transfer of Chief Secretary Alaban Pandyopadhyay. Party spokesperson Kunal Ghosh said, “Delhi has not been able to digest the proportions of West Bengal. It is like trying to embarrass the state administration.” And how humble Modi-Shah is!

Kunal Ghosh told Ji 24 hours over the phone, “The Delhi BJP has not been able to digest the rates in West Bengal. The people of Bengal have rejected them even after making daily commuters. They are worried about harming Bengal.The so-called second wave.The West Bengal government is doing well.Trinamul came to power with a big mandate.This is not tolerated.Let the Bengali people know them.

Trinamool MP Sukhendu Sehgar Rai replied, “The Chief Secretary of State is being forcibly sent to the Union Representative. Has this happened since independence? How humble Modi-Shah will be!

BJP leader Sayantan Basu did not want to accept the political allegations. “This is the decision of the government,” he said. IAS officers are employees of the Government of India. This has nothing to do with politics. The Government of India felt the need for a competent officer like Alabana Banerjee. Albanbabui wants a central representative.

The tenure of IAS officer Alban Pandiopadhyay was until May 31. Mamata Banerjee had written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi seeking an extension of her term in the Govt situation. This period has been extended to 3 months. A few days later, the central government sent a letter saying, “Immediately, Alabana Banerjee will be relieved of all responsibilities by the state government.

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read more- General Secretary Alban Pandiopadhyay was tasked with joining the service in Delhi


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