Once upon a time there was America … Once upon a time there was a young Martinique …

Once upon a time there was America ... Once upon a time there was a young Martinique ...


American dream

His story would have been worth a movie. An emotional book describes his turbulent life.

He left Fort-de-France and came to New York in 1924. As they said at the time, he was a “nexus”. She is 20 or 21 years old. What could a black woman become in those years?

Cleaning lady, employee, whore? Stephanie St.-Claire – that’s her name – became a gang leader. She is talented, courageous and determined. She soon became nicknamed the Princess of Harlem. As head of a network of underground lotteries, he ruled over this black district.

For that he had to face Italian, Irish and Jewish gangs. So the American dream was built in the 1930s. The children of Irish, Italian and Jewish thugs went to university and graduated. Many of them became lawyers, doctors, senators.

Stephanie served as the backdrop for the magnificent rise of St.-Clair across the United States. She is a victim and the racism she fights. Corrupt police. Judges who don’t like the “necrosse” that she is.

Throughout the pages written by Eric Jung, the author of this original novel, we meet historical characters. Du Boise, who led the movement for the liberation of blacks. Mayor Lansky, a Jewish mafia banker, is in a completely different way.

Beautiful book that can make a great film. We call it “some people like to be black”.

Five points, editions written by Eric Jung, have been published by de Bore.

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