“I hate Donald Trump for everything”: Karin Jean-Pierre goes behind lecturer and points to the history of the White House

"Je suis tout ce que Donald Trump déteste" : Karine Jean-Pierre passe derrière le pupitre et marque l'histoire de la Maison Blanche

But this did not happen for decades: first in 1991 under President George HW Bush by Judy Smith.

“Today is a big day at the White House,” White House spokeswoman Jen Zaki tweeted, so he temporarily led his deputy.

“It is a great honor to be here today,” the latter said, knowing the “historical dimension” of his existence.

Born in Martinique, Haitian parents, Karin Jean-Pierre became the first woman to confront journalists on the prestigious stage of the “James S. Brady Press Briefing Room” and openly homosexual.

Forty-one French-speakers who have long been in the sub-world served in two campaigns for Barack Obama (2008 and 2012), before joining his team at Joe Biden’s White House in 2020.

During his presidential travels, he has already made press conferences from Air Force One. But these are less impressive than the daily “conference”, which is broadcast live on television and can be a little misleadingly expensive.

The appearance of Karen Jean-Pierre on the table is particularly relieving, as Jen Saki, the current owner of the prestigious position of “White House press secretary”, has indicated that he wants to lead within a year.

Karin Jean-Pierre has often explained how his parents’ life had a decisive impact on his choices and his life.

“All I hate about Donald Trump is me,” he explained in a video for the MoWon organization, in which he was once a leading figure. “I’m a black woman, I’m gay, I’m a mother.”

“Both of my parents were born in Haiti and they came here for the American dream,” he added, adding that one day he would like to be in a position to explain to his daughter what she did, how she mobilized and copes. Trump is “crazy” about the presidency.

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