Electric bikes are coming to London too!

Une rangée de vélos électriques

Recently, capital has certainly not been idle when it comes to green initiatives. She wants to be The most pedestrian city in the world, But do not avoid eco-transportation for all that. So, starting next summer you will find more opportunities to use bicycle rentals, some of which will now be electric models.

Since recent studies Transport to London (DFL) These rents have proven to resurface within the metropolis, one of the “best years of the project” and the company has decided to expand these efforts to self-service electric bicycles. Thanks to Sandander Bank, which is renewing its partnership with an action company, which made it possible to coordinate the project.

The city wants to continue this primary project until 2025, which is a 3-year extension, as some residents are reconsidering their age or body shape, even though the number of cyclists has improved. With the introduction of these electric two-wheelers, there is no perfect reason to get started!
Sadiq Khan has declared it in this sense “Cycling has proven to be a real lifeline for many Londoners over the course of this year, and I am determined to make it a more accessible means of travel. .

In addition, the mobile application for these self-service bicycles will be redesigned to provide greater flexibility to its users. It’s a good idea when we know that technological advances like this can be very effective in motivating users, as we have already introduced the integrated GPS system on bicycles.

So this initiative is part of Sadiq Khan’s global vision, which aims to reduce car traffic accidents and make London a greener city. E-scooters, Walking and, now, these electric bikes.

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