Customers of Movistar’s home internet service are also reporting an increase in speed

Customers of Movistar's home internet service are also reporting an increase in speed

We said operator this morning Entel This increased the speed of its home fiber service to some of its customers, which was later confirmed by the operator.

You can read the full note in the following note:

But the operator seems to know that Movistar It will do the same for its customers who have contracted home internet service because we have received a report from a reader informing us that they have received the following email:

Our reader received that email Ricardo Choto, Your home web service with 600 Mbps download and 300 Mbps upload speed, Now it has been increased to 900Mbps downstream and 600Mbps upstream.

Our reader Ricardo Choto now has 300 Mbps upload and download plugins on his home web service, no doubt he should enjoy it right now.

Since this is the only report we have received, We cannot confirm whether this increase is applicable to all customers or only to a few. However, if you do not get a speed increase, you will not lose anything by contacting Movista to request it.

Thanks so much for letting us know Ricardo Choto!

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