Cannes - Poster and film release date before launch on L Observator de Troy

Cannes – Poster and film release date before launch on L Observator de Troy

There has always been a buzz around Wes Anderson’s films, and the director’s new film, The French Dispatch, finally has a release date of October 22, 2021. The search engine has announced that the film will star Anderson’s favorite Bill Murray-led cast. It will be screened at the Cannes Film Festival and the New York Film Festival in July before hitting theaters. A new poster was released during this announcement.

The French Dispatch has been described as “a love letter to journalists held in the outpost of an American newspaper located in a fictional 20th century French city.” Animates stories published in the magazine. The French shipment. “Murray is accompanied by Wes Anderson players such as Owen Wilson, Tilda Swindon and Francis McDormand, as well as Jeff Goldflm, Elizabeth Moss, Jeffrey Wright and Timothy Solomon. If anyone ever wants to find the phrase in human form “Don’t fix it if it doesn’t break,” Anderson is definitely the main candidate.

In an interview with GQ magazine last year, Wes Anderson spoke of his desire to use black-and-white photography as a revolutionary student for the Oscar-nominated film Call Me by Your Name. .

“I saw Timmy in ‘Lady Bird’ and ‘Call Me By Your Name’ and I never had the trouble to think of someone else for that role, not even for a second,” Anderson told The Press. “I know he’s what I need, and more: he speaks French, and it looks like he came straight out of the Eric Rohmer film in 1985. A slow train from Paris, with a bag, a beach for 10 days in bad weather. The wave would have been a happy place for him. “

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The film was shot in Angola, France, as they were able to accommodate the unprecedented number of collections requested by the film. In an interview with product designer Adam Stockhausen last year, we could not say for sure how many different sets they were able to build for the film, the numbers are huge. Another attraction in Angolam was an abandoned factory outside the city, which they were able to convert into their own temporary studio for the production period, he said in a statement.

“So we took this space and turned it into a DIY style movie studio. We have invested in different parts of the factory, one of which has been turned into a parts warehouse, another into a carpentry room, another into a dressing room, and three large ones into our levels.”

French Dispatch will be Wes Anderson’s tenth film writer and director, and his first theatrical release in 2018 after the Isle of Docs.

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