NFL: A smooth transition to the Bruno label

NFL: A smooth transition to the Bruno label

After five years at the University of Cincinnati, Bruno Label is handling his new career well with the Arizona Cardinals. Montreal, who was contracted as a free agent after the draft, has been working on its new environment in Tempe since the beginning of the month.

After the first three days of the rookie mini-camp, he got to know some of the players on the team, including the tight end Max Williams and Darrell Daniels, but most will be on display in the coming weeks.

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“We mainly learn to spend time on playbook meetings and in the field. We train physically at the gym. The schedule is really busy. There is a learning curve, but it usually goes well. I have good trainers, I am well surrounded. As with any environment, it takes a while to adjust. , But I did not feel it out of place.I feel the label in my place during the video conference organized by the group for Quebec Media, I am happy with my progress.

Like a fish in water

The former nomad from Chekhov Montmornsi is currently enjoying a beautiful honeymoon. The environment attracts him, he feels well treated and his relationship with level coach Steve Hayden is good.

“Life changes a little bit. The transition between the status of a university player and a professional player brings about some differences. Now this is my job. I do this 24 hours a day. It’s time and dedication, but it’s the best work in the world! I can’t complain. There are changes, but nothing is out of reach for me, ”he says.

The label can no longer wait for the training camp to start in July. This is where he will try to secure his place with the team. “The biggest thing right now is learning the playbook. There are certain situations to show, I take this opportunity 100%, but of course when we come to training camp and wear the equipment it really is. I can prove what I can do. ”

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