Morocco wins gold at Pan-African Mathematical Olympiad

Morocco wins gold at Pan-African Mathematical Olympiad

The Moroccan team won the gold medal of the 28th edition of the Pan-African Mathematical Olympiad, which is being held remotely by Tunisia on May 23 and 24, the Ministry of National Education and Vocational Training, Higher Education and Scientific Research announced on Thursday.

The Moroccan team, which has six students (3 girls and 3 boys), has a total of 178 points, higher than South Africa (151) and Tunisia (113), the same source said.

Nanny Aguerrewood of Hassan II High School in Beni-Mella won the gold medal and was crowned Queen of African Mathematics because Youssef Bouhatsch of Penguire High School won a gold medal.

Hiba Benaboo from Abdelgrim Gaddafi High School in Nador, Azme Hibat Allah, Mohammed Ayob Mabdul from Maunounia High School in Magnus, and Adam from Zanabil Al Marifa High School.

On this occasion, the Ministry and its partners, namely the OCP Committee, the official sponsor and the Mathematical Association of Morocco, congratulate the winners for this outstanding performance and salute the work done by the supervisors who ensured the preparation for the event, along with the teachers in their respective organizations.

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