Historic success for teenagers who wanted to stop the expansion of the coal mine

Historic success for teenagers who wanted to stop the expansion of the coal mine


A few months ago, the Environment Minister sued a dozen young people for opposing the expansion of a coal mine in New South Wales. The court on Thursday partially agreed with them, recognizing that the government has a duty to protect children from decisions that are harmful to the environment and worsen the effects of climate change.

With our correspondent in Sydney, Grocery Place

They have not yet reached the voting age. Still, they have a minister to hold them accountable. On Thursday, May 27, a Melbourne court ruled that the Australian Environment Minister had a duty to protect children. Obligation to indicate non-participation in global warming.

The youth behind the move wanted to prevent the minister from authorizing the expansion of coal mining in the state of New South Wales. The court rejected the request. But, recognizing the duty to protect, falls on the minister, and this decision gives a sense of victory.

A decision that can set a precedent

Attorney David Barton, who defended their case, believes the decision will set a precedent and prevent new mines from opening in the future. ” This security duty applies when the Minister decides whether or not to approve a project. So if a project lands on her desk and she has to make a decision, that judgment will have implications for other fossil fuel projects in Australia. , He believes.

In this area, the Australian government is far from setting a precedent. He has announced the construction of a new gas-fired power plant.

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