Blues: Was the summer tour in Australia compromised?

Blues: Was the summer tour in Australia compromised?

Tuesday morning, in columns South West, Fabian Kaltik toured Australia (scheduled for July 7, 13 and 17) and noted the need for him to leave with two full teams or even 46 players. He also spoke about the problem that has plagued the Australian border for fifteen days. We will only be leaving for the first match of a training camp “The idea for the Blues is that a stadium and stadiums in a hotel should be locked to practice.

But the demands of the Australian health authorities go even further as it will be the most popular fifteen days of severe and personal imprisonment for all members of the Triangular Mission. As tennis players enjoyed before the Australian Open in February, solitude, single room, door-to-door dining tables, video conference meeting … one hour of training would be recognized. Every day, no more. Suffice it to say that preparing for three Tests of this size would be far from ideal.

In addition, the situation in Australia is deteriorating, with the state of Victoria having to play their second test (in Melbourne) with the Blues, announcing a seven-day restructuring on Thursday following the emergence of cases involving Indian variance. Govt. One and a half months before the first test, this was the biggest ambiguity surrounding the tour.

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