MLP: Internet users attack his wife

MLP: Internet users attack his wife

New York Mets pitcher Jordan Yamamoto has called on fans to stop targeting his wife Madison on social media.

On Sunday, after Gunner’s poor performance, dozens of Internet users insulted his wife on Twitter. The 25-year-old, who lost 5-1 to the Miami Marlins, allowed five runs in six innings in four innings.

“I know Twitter is not always a good place. It’s funny that some of you annoy people, but don’t harass my wife! She’s not playing baseball or wearing a uniform,” Yamamoto wrote on social media Monday.

“Because I’m a professional athlete, I understand the pressure and what’s with it. Our families and our spouses have not registered for this. They deserve it. No one deserves it!”

Madison Yamamoto also responded to the wave of hatred he received.

“Wow, Mets fans went from love to hate so quickly. When my phone explodes because of your bad tweet, I want to remind you that we are all human, ”he wrote on Twitter on Sunday evening.

Yamamoto is in his first campaign with the Mets, previously wearing a Marlins uniform. In two appearances on the field in 2021, he maintained a 1-1 record and an average of 6.75 earned.

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