Kaltik wants “two teams” in Australia

Kaltik wants "two teams" in Australia

France XV coach Fabian Chaldea hopes to have “two complete teams” on tour in Australia in July, he told the Southwest daily.

The Blues will face Wallaby on three occasions on July 7, 13 and 17.

The French internationals, who will play in the first 14 finals scheduled for June 25, will not be able to play the first fight against the Wallabies and any person coming from abroad will be subjected to 14 days of isolation at a hotel.

“The contract (between LNR and FFR, editor’s note) authorizes 35 players. We have a very constructive discussion with the league. With the second test after the first and third six days, we will need two full teams, ”said Kaltik in the southwest column.

“Someone who plays in the first Test will play in the second Test. One-third will be first and the second will be strengthened by people who play less time, ”he said.

So the Blues’ staff would like to take 46 players to Australia: “This is why our priority has been extended to at least six players per post and nine players at certain levels, such as first line or hinge, where versatility is rare. We have to do it because if we have injuries we can’t call the players in France considering the health restrictions. ”, Still evaluating the coach.

Serge Simon, vice-president of the FFR, recently explained to AFP that France’s XV can train in Australia for fifteen days without “outsiders”.

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