The NBA announces the creation of “NBA Africa”

The NBA announces the creation of "NBA Africa"

While the Basketball Africa League was in full swing in Kigali (Rwanda, May 16-30), NBA boss Adam Silver held a press conference on Monday afternoon to announce the formation of “NBA Africa”, the NBA-NBA on the continent where the first edition of the BAL, which is responsible for growing business, will take place. And competition as a result of the alliance between FIBA.

This new law firm will specifically manage future versions of the newly formed league – which is operated directly by the NBA outside the North American continent – to develop the orange ball and enhance the discovery of young talent on the African continent. Originality: In addition to the two Nigerian businessmen, the former stars will be among the investors. Signed by Dickembe Mottombo, Grand Hill, Luol Deng, Jr. Bridgeman or French Joachim Nova.

Joachim Nova as investor

“We hope that basketball will become an even bigger sport in Africa in the coming decade,” he said. Adam Silver explained during his video conference that the new company’s impact power is estimated at nearly 1 billion. Apart from PAL, many development initiatives through basketball – construction of academies, camps, courts …

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