[Le bon numéro] # 36: Leroy Butler overturns bus | Touchdown Act (NFL Act)

[Le bon numéro] # 36: Leroy Butler overturns bus |  Touchdown Act (NFL Act)

A player is identified by his style of play, his personality, his physique but his number. The sign of a strong connection is that players often have the same number (if possible) when switching teams, and this can sometimes become a communication tool as well.

During 99 episodes, we are going to talk about the best players in terms of numbers in the NFL. A holder and replacement each time.

In this 36th episode, another defender of the 1990s is also a “bus”.

Holder: Leroy Butler (DP, Green Bay Packers 1990-2001)

The 90s Packers defense was a benchmark, and if Reggie White was the most attractive player, Leroy Butler would not have lagged far behind. Captain the last curtain, he is the absolute defense equivalent.

Pass security, run security or blitz, he can do better than others. Phenomenal Athlete, Four Pros, he was one of the key participants in the 1996 title. On the regular team of the 90s, he is also recognized as one of the best defenders in franchise history.

His absence from the Hall of Fame seems only temporary, and he should find his place soon. 2022 is “weaker” than Vintage 2021, it can find its place.

Response: Jerome Bettis (RP, Los Angeles / St. Louis Rams 1993-95, Pittsburgh Steelers 1996-2005)

Bus. There are some players who are so easily recognizable on a field, from his 1 meter 80 height (officially) 114 kg. D.K. If Metcalfe is gaining its status today, Jerome Bettis is actually an American refrigerator with legs.

Being so fast and fluid for his size he is an anomaly in the history of this game. First the Rams, then the Steelers in particular, he amassed 15,111 yards and 94 touchdowns. As fascinating as he is, he is a 2000-year-old NFL player.

Attack Rookie of the Year, six-time Pro Bowler, Triple All Pro and Super Bowl winner, is another player who ticks all the boxes.

Mentions: Bill Thompson (D.P.), Attorney Millai (D.P.), Terry McDonnell (D.P.), Mark Haynes (D.P.), Ken Reeves (D.P.), Merton Hanks (D.P.) P.), Brian Westbrook (R.P.)

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