How to clean Google’s 15GB free storage?

How to free up 15gb free google storage across gmail drive photos Tamil News

How to free up 15gb free google storage If you do not want to spend money on additional cloud storage, delete the existing 15GB free storage.

How to get rid of 15gb free google storage? Tamil News: Google Photos completes Unlimited Free Storage for Photos on June 1st. If this happens, users will be limited to 15GB of free Google storage. This allows the company to access all their accounts, including photos, Gmail and Drive.

Users who want more cloud storage can start with Google’s subscription-based storage plans starting at Rs 20 per month for 100GB of storage. However, if you do not need that kind of storage or do not want to spend money on additional cloud storage, you should clear the existing 15GB of free storage. Here’s how to do it in some simple ways.

How to delete your free 15GB Google Storage?

To verify what unwanted files are occupying your free 15GB cloud storage, you will need the Google One application. If you do not have it, you can install the app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

In the application, go to the ‘Storage’ tab. Here, you can see how much of your free 15GB storage is occupied by your Gmail, Google Drive files, and Google Photos data across the service.

To begin deleting this data, click the ‘Release Account Storage’ button below. Now you can see the list of your storage eats. This includes emails that have already been rejected but are now permanently deleted, emails with large attachments, file types not supported in Google Drive, and more.

How To Delete Your Free 15GB Google Account Storage

You can enter each of these categories and select all the titles or manually select the files you want to delete. Go to each category and proceed to delete any unwanted files you have other than important and desired emails, files and other data.

While this temporary fix allows you to free up some storage, a list of your important files and emails will be created over time.

When there are no unwanted files to delete, you may need to back up some of the files on your computer offline or consider another cloud storage service.

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