Covid 19: US, Japan and Australia urge WHO to clarify the origin of the epidemic

Govt-19: US, Japan and Australia urge WHO to clarify the origin of the epidemic

How did the Govit-19 epidemic start, and who is responsible? When China Allegedly responsible for this historical crisis and the fact that the origin of the epidemic is still unclear, many large nations are finally calling on the WHO to continue its research to make it clear. The calls were launched during the 74th World Health Conference, which has brought in 194 members since Monday WHO. During online discussions from Geneva, U.S. Representative Jeremy Coninick on Tuesday stressed the importance of conducting a “firm, comprehensive and expert-led inquiry into its origins.” Govit-19“.

“It is important that we prepare the second phase of the Origin study to be successful,” he said, adding that the analysis should be “scientifically based and independent.” Other countries, including Australia, Japan and Portugal, have made similar calls. The first phase of the study was carried out in the region earlier this year Wuhan, Jointly considered by international experts and Chinese scientists as the cradle of the epidemic, amid suspicions of a lack of independence from Beijing.

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On March 29, experts concluded that transmission from an intermediate animal to humans was a “highly probable” hypothesis, and a laboratory incident – a study strongly defended by former US President Donald Trump – was “highly unlikely”. A day later, WHO President Tetros Adonom Caprais, who had until then been accused of being overly complacent about Beijing, tightened his tone and said he was ready to send experts to investigate a hypothesis. Chinese laboratory leak. China has always denied this opportunity.

But China has been accused of taking months to accept its scientists’ arrival on the soil, particularly of hindering this work. The boss WHO He criticized China‚Äôs lack of data access. Peter Ben Embarek, head of the international delegation of scientists, underestimated the issue, saying that some data could not be shared for privacy reasons like elsewhere in China and that he had made an effort to find solutions to access the data. In the second phase of the study “.

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But since then, the WHO has not provided any information on the progress of this second phase study. “The purpose of this investigation is not to assign responsibilities, but to trust science, to discover the origin and contagion of the virus, and to help all of us prevent such a global catastrophe from happening again,” said U.S. Rep. Jeremy Connick.

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