Amazon opens first cashless supermarket in London

Amazon opens first cashless supermarket in London

Amazon now has a b store fire store in London (United Kingdom): a supermarket that opened Thursday.

The online retailer has already opened several such supermarkets in the United States. One in London is premier in Europe.

The originality of this store is that it allows you to do your shopping without going into the cash register.

Erica is one of the store’s customers. He explains how it works: “You download the app, scan a QR code when you log in, and all you have to do is. The computer will automatically know what you have in your shopping cart. When you go out, the system invoices all your purchases, which are debited from your account. “

Benjamin, another customer, adds: “ The main advantage is that usually when you go to the supermarket, you often have to wait 5 or 10 minutes for updates. There, in this system it is not. »

Opening this store is a new step in the battle between Amazon and traditional businesses.

The online sales company has hit the ground running in recent months due to the Covid 19 epidemic, and many merchants have an obligation to close.

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