5 English Moon Idioms Part 1 | 5 Moon Idioms Part1

5 English Moon Idioms Part 1 |  5 Moon Idioms Part1

4. Once upon a blue moon

First, I want to explain the meaning of the blue moon, which does not mean blue moon in the dictionary. But the extra moon marks the birth of the full moon. Usually, the full moon occurs once a month or 12 times a year, but there are days that are not 11 days in a year. Called the blue moon.

So a pattern on a blue moon means a very long or very rare period of time, which is like the birth of a blue moon. This expression can act as an adverb or a conjunction. For example, I once went abroad on a blue moon due to an epidemic situation in my country.

Fun fact: A time on a blue moon is scientifically calculated to be equal to 1.16699016 x 10 ^ -8 Hz.

Very rarely

5. Many moons ago

This expression is slightly different for a pattern on a blue moon. That means a long time before many moons. Contains material from the past to the present, but once in a blue moon speaks of that frequency it took a long time to happen. This nonsense can act as a verb in a sentence. For example, many moons ago, I was a shy woman who could not even order my lunch.

Many moons agoIn addition to the positive and long-term use of the word moon. The moon has many meanings of sadness, disappointment and impossibility. Saying the word moon is sadder than happy. What are these expressions? You can follow and read on in the next chapter. Click to follow Melloo.o

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