Alexandre Pustillo and Julianne Murray Release their new horror film Deep House In the tension-inducing trailer.

The two terrifying French experts continue their journey into terrorism by attending a haunted house and being imprisoned in the depths. In fact, 14 years ago, Pustillo and Murray hit hard at the French cinematic landscape Inside, The real slasher starring Alison Paradis and Patrice Dolly. A study of French genre film follows that one genre of cinema is often very mixed, away from French productions. Live And In the eyes of the living. One experience, however, is strong enough to attract the interest of Americans who will hand them over in 2017 Leatherface, prequel de Chainsaw Massacre. A massacre seen in the production environment since two young filmmakers quickly disposed of their film by the producers.

Shocked by this mixed experience across the Atlantic, they return to France to deliver a high-profile film with a catchy pitch: Tina and Ben, a young American couple, decide to explore the famous haunted house. Water! Spirit and thalassemia, everything comes together to make the viewer tremble!

Deep House is set to be unveiled at the cinema from June 30th.

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