Residents of Toulouse, the lucky foreigner to travel to Twickenham for the Champions Trophy final in London

Théo, devant le Tower Bridge, a ses places pour la finale.

They live in London They will have the opportunity to play in the Champions Trophy final between Toulouse and La Rochelle on May 22nd. These foreigners will also be among the 10,000 spectators attending the finals. They know very well how lucky they are. Celine, Romain, Theo and Florence are impatient. Evidence.

“I jumped at the chance.” (Roman)

They do not know each other and live in different districts of London, but their common interest in the State Toulouse will unite them on Saturday 22 May. Romain, 28, of Minneapolis County, Toulouse, has been living in the English capital for eight years. The one who often doesn’t get a chance to attend his favorite club’s competitions is happy to have tickets for 22 people. “When I saw the final move to Twickenham, I jumped at the chance What a chance! I’m already seen State Toulouse, but against Saracens at Wembley. “, He explains.

Glad to find the atmosphere of a playground: “There’s not going to be a lot of fans, but it’s still a small step towards a little more normal situation A great opportunity to come out in an arena. It’s been a while, so we’re going to celebrate it. ”

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. “Opportunity to be in London to see State Toulouse, of course it is I feel blessed. I called my dad directly and a few friends from Toulouse. I have supported them since I was four. ”

Funny coincidence on Celine’s side: “I have been in the UK for 11 years and Toulouse has not been to the finals for 11 years. Finally, I was at Place to Capitol In front of giant screens. In Twickenham, which is an exceptional arena, it is even better to watch them live. It would be great to be a part of this story for the future trophy. “

Florence, who took the ticket with her husband, also had an unacceptable event: “I think I was very lucky. Twickenham is a rugby lie No more English clubs! ”

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They promise to set the mood

Residents of Toulouse in London saw the reopening before France, hence the stadiums. For everyone who has stayed in France, they will try Make up for the lack of supporters in the Pink City : “The atmosphere I think will be a little better. It may be a little cooler compared to Ernest-Wallen before the Cowboys. But we will do what we can, we will bring the jersey. We will be there. Make them happy. The Toulons who stayed in France will be in front of the TV, so there will be spiritual supporters. “ Romaine adds.

He will not be alone. Theo comes with many friends from Toulouse and Port-au-Prince: “This is not going to be a game, it’s going to be a day of celebration. We’ll vote twice. We want players to feel pushed. We will try to bring red and black colors to life. We will try to make a banner, We will come up with paint … We will try to show that we are supporters of Toulouse, not supporters of La Rochelle. I hope we are in greater numbers, I have more hopes. We will only be 10,000, so we need to show that there are more Toulouse residents than Roselys. ”

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