London: A calf wanders over 3 meters in a boot in the Thames

London: A calf wanders over 3 meters in a boot in the Thames

The minke whale, measuring three to four meters, was spotted Sunday in south-west London, trapped in a set of valves that control the flow of water.

Before the intervention of the Royal National Lifeboat Institute (RNLI), a veterinarian who was concerned about injury or being underweight examined and sprayed the Cetacean and was greeted with applause by hundreds of interested visitors.

But until 1:00 a.m. RNLI teams, firefighters London And the Marine Rescue Service was able to free the whale using an airbag.


But she was able to escape because rescuers “took her to a deeper part of the river,” an RNLI spokeswoman said Monday, pointing out that the small sea mammal “exhibits chaotic behavior.” Not in good health “.

Since then, Cetacean has been seen for the first time in the morning heading east and north sea. But other witnesses identified him as going upstairs.

Glenn Nicholets, commander of the London Fire Brigade, said it was “a very rare and unusual incident.” “We could not believe our eyes when we saw the poor beast, something like this does not happen every day,” 20-year-old Jack Manketo told AFP.

Among the smallest whales, the minke whale usually reaches 10 meters in adolescence and lives in the North Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, but occasionally as far as the Arctic or Ecuador.

In January 2006, a northern bottlenose whale was already stranded in the Thames, thus generating great interest. Unfortunately, Cetacean died when he was brought back to sea.

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