How the fever has risen in recent days between London and Paris

How the fever has risen in recent days between London and Paris

This Thursday morning, May 6, more than fifty French fishing boats gathered in front of Saint-Helier, the capital of the Channel Islands of Jersey, and some blocked the port to protest the fishing conditions imposed on French sailors after Brexit. In response, the British, like France, sent two patrol ships. “The Up” takes steps This is a diplomatic expansion Between Paris and London.

April 30: New requirements for the post-Brexit fisheries agreement

The post-Brexit deal By the summer of 2026 European fishermen will drop 25% of their catches into UK waters. To that day, EU fishermen have traditionally retained access to the areas they have visited, the AFP recalls. To get this recognition, they have to prove to the British authorities that they are already fishing there during the 2012-2016 reference period.

Tensions in Jersey between France and the United Kingdom have left fishermen stranded

But on Friday 30 April, the UK released a list of 41 French vessels authorized to fish in Jersey waters, out of 344 requests. According to Paris, a choice without new requirements “Previously agreed, discussed or announced” When signing the contract.

The island’s government released a statement on Tuesday stating that it had “Issued fishing licenses under trade agreement” According to the AFP, it ended between Brussels and London. This is the beginning of diplomatic tensions.

May 2 and 3: France condemns, EU warns

On Sunday, May 2, Maritime Minister Annik Gord protested against the new measures adopted by the United Kingdom:

“There can be no doubt that new standards will be imposed on them that will disrupt the reading and consistency of our actions.”

The French Ministry of Maritime Affairs has also requested that the European Commission be authorized to negotiate with the United Kingdom. “Clarification”. A commission spokesman recalled it on Monday evening “No Condition” The other party must be notified with adequate notice “Concept or modification”.

May 4: France threatens to retaliate

Tuesday is the new step in escalating tensions. Annick Gordin confirmed that France was ready to resort “Retaliation” If the British authorities continue to restrict the access of French fishermen to the Jersey Sea. Before the National Assembly, he noted the possible consequences “Transmission of electricity through submarine cable” It offers the island from France.

A warning to go wrong, on the British side. A government spokesman condemned the attack “Threats to Jersey […] Clearly unacceptable “.

May 6, 8 am: Blocks operation in Saint-Helier

This Thursday morning the French fishermen began the blocking operation. “Boats depart from everywhere, from Brittany, to Normandy”Norman fisherman Romain Davodet of Corterett AFP “The success of bringing all these people together is incredible.”, Delighted Camille Lacurel, comes from Corterett and inspires “At least 70 boats”. Charge is a fee, you Commodore goodwill, Wants to go out, everyone is determined to stop her from going out. Fishermen at the port entrance, He described.

“It’s a peaceful movement, it doesn’t have to be degenerate.”, He said, marks the return of the fishermen to France in the afternoon. “Three fishing boats from Jersey came to our aid”, And underlined Camille Lacureil.

May 6, 10 am: British troops send ships

Faced with this situation, the British government sent two warships around Jersey “Monitor the situation”. A Defense Ministry spokesman insisted it was “Strictly preventive action, Jersey agrees with government”.

These crises are testing Europe’s ability to control its destiny

These are “Maneuvers should not impress us”, French Foreign Secretary for European Affairs Clement Peon told AFP. “I spoke with David Frost, the British Minister for Relations with the European Union. Our preference is not to retain tensions, but to have a quick and complete application of the agreement. There is nothing but the contract and the whole contract ”, He added.

May 6, 11 am: French send warships

Half an hour later, France sent two patrol boats. “With about fifty fishermen in the area, apparently, we wanted to put these two buildings in advance.”, The channel and the maritime spokesman of the North Sea said.

In the process, Annie Girard officially called on the British authorities to change the restrictions that had been in place for almost a week. The situation, for the time being, seems to be stalled.

Brexit: “Great Britain appears to be the winner of this agreement”

Across the channel, the Anglo-Saxon magazine is back. The conservative “Daily Mail” compares the tabloid situation to a new “trawler”.

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