Cedot Becker’s claim draws attention from Kane Attack

Cedot Becker's claim draws attention from Kane Attack

Fearless writer Kane Attacle wrote an article in his article today entitled “Kedikodu”.

In his article, Kane Attacle made a significant allegation about Cedot Becker, who was investigated as “a director and member of an organized crime organization.”

Contrary to what can be said, can Atacle say that Cedot Becker is not in Dubai?

Atacle wrote:

“This information is not clear. But a friend of mine, who is very knowledgeable about these things and has a diplomatic tradition, said that Cedot Becker was not in Dubai.

When he looked at his face with surprise and curiosity, he said, ‘It was like that at first, but Becker moved on later. “Except for a few people near him, no one knows where he is. Those videos were not shot in Dubai,” he said.

A definite sentence, of course …

But didn’t his chest say ‘I’m in Dubai, come and get it’?

My friend said, ‘This is the trick of the trade. Someone who makes such important statements does not reveal his place so much, no matter how well protected he is, and does not want to endanger it. ‘

Then he touched a point that came to my mind, but I didn’t mention it.

‘Are you paying attention?’ He said, “The Interior Minister says this person is a mafia leader. He was called by the Red Bullet, but he did not push the UAE through official channels.”

Then, as I well know, I said, ‘Well, this is not good with the Emirate government, it will not get the results it wants.’

My friend said ‘not so much’ and said ‘in a situation like this, it is unforgivable not to initiate any formal action’.

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Then he stopped, smiled and continued as follows; “They guess they don’t know where Becker is. They’m in a hurry. For this reason, they can not make an official contact with Dubai.”

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