'Cashless' Amazon's new supermarket has just opened in London

‘Cashless’ Amazon’s new supermarket has just opened in London

Amazon has chosen a shopping center in Ealing, west London. To set up its first “cashless” store Outside the United States. This new Amazon supermarket is bigger than the Amazon Coverage, London allows customers to shop with automatic billing When leaving the store.

An Amazon new supermarket in London

Strictly speaking, Amazon Fresh seems more like a warehouse-supermarket concept than a regular city supermarket. Its 230m2, with Amazon Fresh Open Monday through Sunday, 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.. There are many limitations to the basic requirements, fruits and vegetables and products of the “Pie Amazon” brand such as meat and fish. We see it there too Food items from the Morrisons brand, Already an Amazon partner for the grocery store through the Prime program.

You have to imagine Amazon Fresh as a big Amazon Go. This big “cashless” supermarket Also depends Technology “Just Walk Out”. If you still do not know this type of supermarket, how it works: The customer identifies himself by scanning a QR-code (called “new code”) at the store entrance from a dedicated application. Then he does his shopping, picks up his products and leaves, He is automatically charged for the purchase. No checkout. Technology can also tell if a customer is putting products back on the shelves.

Amazon’s physical presence is not technically new. The company already has a few full food stores in London. What is new though Establish a supermarket where you can shop without going for updates Or its products should not be scanned. Amazon said it has already found more London, downtown or other places on the shopping streets.

“Just walk out” technology everywhere soon?

This technology thanks to artificial intelligence, weight finders and many more cameras … “Just walk out” and in a few months, Amazon believes Attracts other types of customers as well. The American giant thinks especially For shops in airports To whom this technology may be appropriate. Or Theaters and theaters. Although an Amazon spokesperson agreed last year, we know there is no need to sell this technology to retailers like Walmart or Target. That it can be considered.

The only difference between this new Amazon supermarket and the American Amazon Go is the lack of dash carts. A smart cart from Amazon This allows you to scan products as you go. Warning: In London, Amazon may be rubbing shoulders with a few key competitors. In fact, Sainsbury’s and Tesco have already tried to recreate Amazon Govt’s technology. Covit-19 seeks to gradually raise controls associated with infection, But did not return to normal as expected before June 21 …

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