Video Reprint: The system needs to be better organized

Video Reprint: The system needs to be better organized

Although video support on baseball has been around for about a dozen years now, there are still some flaws in its structure. These shortcomings are not condemned every time they arise, especially by managers who see themselves on the wrong side of the final judgment. This is what makes us ask: Can this be improved? After all, should it be?

Almost two months after the start of the 2021 season, baseball has already seen some events that have widely opposed the final decision. You might think of Bliss’s Alec Bom, in a game against the Braves or the Indians’ Jordan Luplow, who thought he hit a home run. Instead of trying to recover, they wallow in their sadness and thus, experience more failure.

“It’s embarrassing,” said Braves pitcher Drew Smiley. “If that decision can’t even be reversed, why access a video resume?” he said.

In fact, compared to baseball, it causes grief. The video system is behind some leagues like hockey and football. Baseball may be inspired by their organization, which has been able to demonstrate its performance ratio over the years. For example, withdrawal a Tag It’s been very difficult to judge for years, and fewer and fewer people are throwing the ball after the video restart.

The league – and what its fans want – is to be able to show more transparency to managers and players during video restarts like other leagues (NFL, in particular). It can present its vision to managers, give them good explanations about the progress of the game in question, while at the same time leaving them the opportunity to compete in a game in all fairness.

The truth is that in this game this system will always have to prove itself if it can prove its credibility.

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