Post comes with Digi stamp with NFC chip and crypto technology

Post comes with Digi stamp with NFC chip and crypto technology

The Austrian Post has made significant improvements to its blockchain postage stamp since 2019.

The Austrian Post was first launched two years ago Blockchain postage stamp issued to the world
He has been developing this new type of postage stamp ever since. With four new themes from the crypto world released last year with the Honey Badger, Lama, Panda and Dodge and created from the Mance Asterich AG with a gold unicorn 1 gram gold bar, some uniqueness awaits you on Friday. After all, integrated security features stand out.

Why the whale?

The new version of the digital correspondence is decorated with an animal from the crypto world: the whale. Anyone with a large amount of crypto assets is referred to as a “whale” in the community. They are so named because their results often make waves in crypto markets.

Digital dual

Each of these stamps has a digital dual that is stored in the blockchain. There it is in the “wallet” available only to the owner. If the digital version of the stamp is transferred from one wallet to another, the transaction is documented in blockchain – a digital certificate of authenticity. The digital duplicate of the blockchain stamp is created approximately and can be available in one of five colors: black, green, blue, yellow and red.


For the first time, NFC technology is also used in an Austrian postage stamp: crypto stamp 3.0 is based on an NFC-backed authenticity and is encrypted. If you have a smartphone with NFC functionality on the packaging or stamp pad, you can tell if you have a real crypto stamp 3.0 in your hands. The Post says that by studying the NFC chip, one can express both reliability and the digital dual. It does not require a separate application, the NFC chip leads to a separate website for the respective brand copy, which can be viewed when a sleeping whale is not activated. The digital dual is “revealed” by scanning the QR code on the front.


The crypto stamp 3.0 has a face value of 9.90 euros and can be used as a standard postage stamp for clearing letters and parcels. Pre-orders are now possible. Regular sales begin June 21, 2021 – pre-ordered copies will be sent out from this date. The digital logo is in circulation for 100,000.

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