NFL, concussion and race issue

NFL, concussion and race issue

Again, the NFL is at the center of discussions on the ethnic issue. This time, it is not for a knee on the ground or for a small number of coaches or leaders from the minority, but rather by a bias in calculating the compensation suffered by concussion-related problems in their lives for retired players. .

Shouldn’t we give the same amount to all ex-players? In theory yes, but they are not all affected in the same way. When a player claims to be suffering from a cognitive decline, the severity of the problems must be assessed. Basically, clinical trials establish that a percentage of a person’s cognitive abilities are impaired.

Until then, it is difficult to realize a dependency that would penalize black players. It is in this calculation. To measure teacher loss or decline, an initial value must first be established. This is where the pro appears. We systematically set the cognitive abilities of color players. If they are low in the beginning, the losses will be less and the result will be less compensation.

According to the Axios website, this calculation of cognitive faculties dates back to the 1990s.r Robert Hayden, neuropsychologist (University of California, San Diego) who coordinated socioeconomic factors in his research. Basically, he concludes that socioeconomic background, including membership in a community, has an impact on an individual’s health.

The work of this expert was not unanimous, but was not a model representative of the black population retained during his work. In addition, it is said to have interpreted data from the NFLDr Heiden in a simple and controlled way.

It is up to the court to determine whether this potential bias affects the formula used by the NFL, but one fact remains clear: the vast majority of those receiving maximum compensation are whites.

So on the one hand we have the NFL, on the other hand thousands of black soldiers and in the middle, neurologists and neuropsychologists discuss scientific data. If the league believes it has gotten out of trouble by paying more than $ 848 million since 2013 to compensate players, it appears that this is not the case.

I would like to conclude that the vast majority of the 20,000 NFL retirees are black players. A good portion of the audience and the audience came from minorities. While racial tensions are widespread, this file will grab my attention for the next few weeks.

Discrimination is often insidious and sometimes it is found in unexpected places. Is there a new form of discrimination within the valuable circle, the discrimination induced by the scientific community? Again, wait.

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