Argentina wins in his group, Boca in danger

The last Libertadores session of the week. As Argentinians assert their dominance in their group, things get complicated for Boca.


Already eligible, Argentina Only a balance against is requiredAthletes National To get first place. Gabriel Milito’s men did better than that. Properly manage the strong and weak times of the match and make the best use of the remaining seats Purslane Without ideas, the Animal He has long multiplied costs that are more dangerous than that and has finally relied on another strategy to change his dominance: he abused long centers and long shots. It was at one of these centers that Herrera arose to deliver three points, which not only confirms Milito’s men’s first place, but above allNational Athletics In great danger. Because the Colombian agent will play against his qualification in Santiago College Catholic Who will show his destiny at hand.

In the meantimeInter Quietly dominated Olympiad For Manuel Ferreira, controlling possessions without turning them into real opportunities, especially the first period. The beginning of the second act was aided by the exclusion of salcedo in sal Colorado A great Yuri Alberto continued his quiet dominance before finding the net at the end of the game. This victory allows the Brazilians to regain control of their team and be only one point away from qualifying.

A qualification that is at great risk போகா. Before Barcelona, Russo’s men have once again offered an enigmatic encounter, without relief. The first act was relentless போகா, Unable to create danger, seeks solutions to poor Medina, and hopes not to let Androda sink (Five Strikes Torros, nothing போகா). In the second half, Russo decided to change things, or at least the men. Maroni and Davies first in the hour sign, and finally Cardona and Fabra at the end of the game. But without major consequences in the end. This போகா It remains a mystery and has many qualities within its staff, but there can be little to no idea, little to no ambition other than winning the little. Except before that Barcelona, போகா Did not win. Now he finds himself on the edge of a vertical path he dug himself. You போகா Do not impose themselves in front Firm, Because he can be seen being eliminated from the competition Barcelona Welcome Santos In holiday mode, Torros Already qualified. Even worse, if the Bolivians fail, the propaganda of the continent Xeneizes May already end. The lack of style of this team is a catastrophic situation that cannot be ruled out.

Results and videos

Argentina Juniors 1 – 0 Atletico National

Olympia 0 – 1 International

Boca Juniors 0 – 0 Barcelona


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