$ 86 million road contract for Vinci in Australia

$ 86 million road contract for Vinci in Australia

Seymour White, an Australian subsidiary of Vinci Construction, won the contract to upgrade the road axis in the southern industrial zone of Dandenong (in the Melbourne metropolitan area). In particular, it provides for widening the road and setting up new viaducts for 2×2 lanes over 2 km.

Seymour White, an Australian subsidiary of Vinci Construction, has been awarded the contract to renovate a major highway in the Greater Melbourne area.

The project aims to reduce traffic by connecting the South Gibsland Highway and Abbots Road, which will facilitate access to the Dandenong South employment area, thus increasing the productivity of the industrial zone.

134 million Australian dollars (86 million euros), The contract provides 2 km 2 lanes wide, 2 km wide., Pound Road West and Remington Drive and Construction of a new crossing viaduct From the Cranbourne railroad.

Is scheduled Reinforcement of another viaduct, rearrangement of four intersections, creation of new shared bicycle-pedestrian lanes and installation of guards.

Work will begin in October 2021 for a two-year temporary period, Major Road projects in conjunction with Victoria after a design phase, local authority Transportation.

Reducing environmental impact

In order an important system is used To reduce the environmental impact of the project, Seymour White aims to get the “best” label for it. Presented by the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA).

It specifically includes:

Direct recycling of materials, including mills and other materials from Ren Renovated Roads;
Of at least 30% reduction in cement quantities for the construction of non-structural components of the project;
Australia Application on unbound geotextile grip green roads made in Australia from recycled polymers;
Setting up a pavement in E emesh, reinforced concrete with 100% recycled plastic fibers instead of wire mesh;
Environment Measures to reduce erosion and sedimentation, and conservation of biodiversity to protect the natural environment.

Finally, the site Creating jobs for the indigenous people of the state of Victoria.

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