Washington is investigating a new case near the White House

Washington is investigating a new case near the White House

U.S. in Cuba Between 2016 and 2018, many U.S. officials reported sudden discomfort or headaches, as experienced by embassy staff.

The mystery of “Havana Syndrome” continues. According to our colleagues CNN, A new U.S. The officer has created mysterious signs near the White House, facts currently under investigation. The agent, an official of the White House National Security Council, was targeted in November 2020. Another officer was shot dead a few weeks later near the US president’s residence.

According to the American Channel, the symptoms developed by the authorities are similar to “Havana Syndrome”. In 2016, ambassadors and their family members stationed in the Cuban capital suffered from a variety of ailments, including balance and dizziness, coordination, eye movement, as well as anxiety, irritability and so-called “cognitive fog”. These signs then led Washington to recall most of its diplomatic staff from Cuba in 2017.

Three suspected cases in the United States

After passing through a gate in the park opposite the president’s residence, the first attack, which was reported to have already occurred, developed a week of headaches and insomnia. A second officer is said to have been attacked near one of the White House gates. The latter developed more severe symptoms than his colleague and had to be examined by a doctor immediately.

Another similar case was in 2019, when a White House employee experienced awkwardness while walking his dog in Washington.

Possible wave attack

In April, Democrat Mark Warner, chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, and his deputy, Republican Marco Rubio, condemned the “attacks” on US officials, which appear to be “on the rise.” For now, no definite decision has been made regarding these events Report by the American Academy of Sciences and Medicine, Published in December 2020, revealed that cases reported in recent years in China, Russia and Cuba may be due to the “high-intensity microwave generator”.

As stated in it New York Times, These attacks have killed more than 130 U.S. people worldwide in the past five years. Ambassadors, officers and soldiers have been affected. The attacks sometimes caused brain damage to the victims.

Under pressure on the number of victims, the Biden administration told CNN to work to “identify the cause of these incidents, determine the culprits and avoid them.”

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