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Mathilde Konsinski: “Creating a Network of Mutual Assistance and Information”

Approaching Diplomatic elections, Which takes place in the UK on May 30, presents eight candidate lists in the London constituency by Today, Mathil Konsinski tops the list Solidarity of the French in the United Kingdom, Looks back on its plans and ambitions.

Why did you decide to run in the diplomatic election?

I came to London 20 years ago. I have seen the French community grow, change and face constant problems. Over the years, for a French immigrant, I felt the importance of trusting a network. I want it to grow in terms of this network, mutual aid and solidarity. I would also like to benefit the French throughout the United Kingdom so that everyone can find the support they need at times, but above all firm information. Today, I would like to create a diplomatic representation based on the sum of my running mates, our backgrounds, our hardships and our joyous experience of living in this beautiful country of England.

How would you define your list and its political orientation?

I am so proud of our list! She represents the community in England, women and men from Swansea to Manchester, from Cambridge to Dover, from Red Hill to Oxford, from Southampton to Birmingham, from Aberystwyth to Kent to London.

We wanted to be able to explain to us the local issues that everyone is facing so as not to create a list of “capital” and thus weave a real network of mutual assistance and information across the country. We are fortunate to have a variety of professional activities: I am a doctor, Geraldine is a university professor, Mehdi is an entrepreneur, Jean-Claude is a retiree, David is an engineer, Adron is a computer student, Patrice teaches history. Geography. At Charles-de-Cole High School, Bernard is a business manager, Victor is a businessman, Laurel is responsible for the heritage, Magali works in communications … you will understand, there is a geographically diverse group, but our professional and personal experiences, like the French community in the UK .

An independent list of the major political parties we have, its orientation does not really make sense when dealing with the concrete difficulties of the French in the United Kingdom. We make sure that the French material abroad is not discriminatory in our opinion and can represent everyone: this is very important to us l’ASFE (French Solidarity Abroad, Editor’s note), Which supports us.

What are the three main projects you are carrying out?

Beyond the role of advisor to the French people living abroad who represent all the citizens of our constituency in each embassy, ​​we provide them with a support system through various media (webinars, videos, meetings, newsletters …). Can benefit from the expertise of our experts.

We are all gathered to help and support the French with the support of ASFE. We benefit from experienced support in Paris with more general questions and a relay in the Senate – the senator’s person, Evelyn Renat-Karabedian, can carry our voice.

What do you think is the priority issue for the French people living in the United Kingdom?

The concerns of our comrades are very different, but I would say that most of the lessons that come up are issues related to Brexit and children’s education.

In the French and British systems, the UK’s exit from the EU has raised many questions about the future and the settlement patterns of some of us on English soil. This theme covers many subjects: administrative questions for changing your license, applicable taxation, naturalization, our children’s studies, employment …

With the arrival of Covid 19 last year was very difficult for everyone. Health and travel restrictions are major concerns for many of us. As a doctor, I was particularly confronted and noticed it. Answering French questions about PCR tests and vaccines has become my daily routine.

How do you plan to fix this?

Providing and publishing reliable and up-to-date information to re-create the French people’s network based on solidarity and mutual aid. We continue to inform the French about arrangements, AIDS and restrictions on both sides of the channel.

In terms of education, we help them become aware of the various education systems available in the UK through lectures and articles. Once selected, we will sit on the Embassy Committee for Scholarships and we are committed to ensuring a fair redistribution of scholarship envelopes. We are available to the French in all aspects of their daily lives, such as taxation or health.

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